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[latest announcement] - announcement of performance parameters

Hello friends, after years of development and more than a year of testing, the highly anticipated star, pooling our conception, wisdom, effort model mature products [HX-K] series plotter finally released the list! The engraving machine adhering to our traditional products has the advantages of simple operation, high performance, excellence, durability, wide application, high cost, low failure rate and consistent characteristics, on the basis of the latest technology and customer feedback demand from the motherboard chip began to research and development, relates to the motherboard, control chip, rail, car first, the laser five parts, any part of which is innovation unmatched by other enterprises. [HX-K] series plotter in precision control (improved control chip), noise reduction (design guide and the car out of the ordinary), pressure (Technology), carving cutting curve (red edge position), all aspects of a molding have made great progress. The laser head positioning combining the join with the other four parts, makes use of HX-K engraving machine is no longer confined to a small range, in the production of products, reflective film cutting, handicraft processing industries have a greater degree of compatibility, combined with our research in English software, can meet the demand of each country all over the world industry. We look forward to your attention and cooperation.

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