• Digtal Cutter/Osciall Ting Knife Cutting Machine

    Digtal Cutter/Osciall Ting Knife Cutting Machine

    Vibration knife cutting machine is the latest development of Jinan Jinrui Bute high-speed high-precision high-quality industrial-grade CNC cutting equipment. Vibration knife cutting machine development uphold Jinruibei Te company has consistently adhered to the study, absorption, innovation, improve the development of ideas, after years of painstaking research, learning foreign manufacturers advanced vibration knife ...

  • Vertical Inkjet Cutting Plotter

    Vertical Inkjet Cutting Plotter


  • Inkjet  Plotter

    Inkjet Plotter

    - Plotting head uses popular HP technology, easy for maintenance. - Advanced design theory, scientifically, practically and precise manufactured, with high stability and operant. - Automatic and manual ink carriage clearing. - Occupied small place in the pattern room. - High speed, long time working, without any compromise on the quality and the reliability. - Supports DMPL and HPGL language, fully supports for various CAD software.

  • Apparel Cutting Plotter

    Apparel Cutting Plotter

    1) The first company to develop the Apparel Cutting Plotter (also called the CAD cutting/plotting machine ),and preserve the intellectual property and also the patent technology...

  • Flatbed Cutter

    Flatbed Cutter

    1) Imported synchronous belt as conveyor belt. 2) Working speed equals imported machines, over 2 times faster than domestic machines...

  • CAD Plotter

    CAD Plotter

    1) Steady configuration, aeronautic aluminum alloys comprehensive structure 2) Human factors engineering operation panel, human-friendly paper-cutting devices 3) Subdivision technology plus digital smoothing processing technology, professional hardware circuit design